Take from this what you will….I received this in an email from a friend, and I would attribute it to the writer if I could find who that is.  As it is, I don’t know who wrote it, but I feel confident that they would want it shared with others.  I personally know that God watches over us, and He sends His angels to protect and help us.  I hope this touches your hear like it did mine.


Butterflies and Puppies…

As I walked around Joplin today and attended the Moment of Silence, outside of St. John’s Hospital, I had the opportunity to talk with a few of the local people that lived in the neighborhood..  They were all very hopeful and extremely friendly.  As I looked around at the devastation, my heart sank into my stomach.  The only thing I kept thinking is “why God” – “why”.  I felt so extremely sad for everyone that lost their family, friends, their home.

I put my mind into imagining what I would feel like had I have gone through this devastation, what would it feel like, what would I feel?  I walked silently around an older neighborhood that was very quiet.  I was surprised to see the homeowners were not there salvaging their belongings, it was so quiet.  Maybe they were elsewhere and were coming back later.  I walked and prayed for the people of the area. I believe in prayer and God, I believe something good will come from this terrible tragedy.

I walked back towards St. John’s where random people were leaving the moment of silence. I came across some people talking and I stopped to talk to them.  One couple was a local couple that just lived blocks from where we were standing.  Fortunately, their home was untouched, just a couple of trees down. The couple told me a couple of chilling stories that have changed my life.

As the tornado approached, a father and his two young children were outside in their yard. They did not have enough time to get in to the house for cover.  The father of the kids threw himself on top of his babies and they were on the ground.  The father dug his hands into the ground as the tornado plowed right over them. The soles of the shoes he was wearing, ripped right off.  He LOST the Soles to his SHOES!  Amazing!  The father and the children stood up, after the tornado moved on, UNHARMED.  The 4 year old little girl looked at her daddy and said “Daddy I saw that big butterfly holding you down”. Think about that…

The other story they told me was of a young boy was swept up by the tornado and dropped back to the ground.  As he was unharmed he told his mom “I saw butterflies and a white puppy”.

There were all kinds of “butterflies” around that day. I believe they were Angels but the only words the young children could use to describe them was to call them butterflies.  There is no doubt in my mind an angel was holding down that father as he protected his babies.  How could the soles of his shoes be ripped off and he not be swept up by the tornado? The “butterfly” held him down…

My life is changed, life is short and should be lived minute by minute. I do not have fear of death, my future is secured.  God loves me and His promises keep me safe.  I continue to pray for the people of Joplin, they have a long road ahead of them.  The angels are with them, with us all.  Have no fear.

God Bless you, your family, and friends.  And, may His “butterflies and puppies” keep watch over you too!


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